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The nextGEN wind solutions Group

nabla wind hub: the combination of nabla wind power, eTa Blades and Romo Wind into an independent technology platform that will bring unique asset redevelopment services to the wind sector worldwide.
nabla wind hub will offer to the market the most advanced composite components, sensorics, analytics and engineering services, counting on commitment and competences to win and deliver long-term big-scale deals.
The group will service onshore, offshore, and floating wind assets, and has the ambition to support the needs of the emerging megatrends: energy storage, green hydrogen, hybridization.
This merger kicks off the first phase of an acquisition strategy that will add more competences and markets to our group.
Stay tuned, this is nabla wind hub
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Current stage information

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Life extension potential confirmed

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The merger of 3 leading companies in the wind sector creates nabla wind hub the nextGEN wind solutions group.

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